Yoshiki, Pata y Heath en Otakon

Yoshiki actuó el día 8 de agosto en la famosa convención de cultura japonesa Otakon en Baltimore (EEUU) con Pata y Heath como invitados especiales a su concierto, ademas dieron una rueda de prensa, que os dejamos a continuación.

YOSHIKI y ToshI en la Hyper Japan de Londres

Me levanté a las 5 am, para llegar a tiempo al 1er tren de la mañana, y después tomar el avión, que me llevaría volando a cumplir un sueño que, desde el principio de quedar fascinada con X Japan y tras comprarme el dvd "Yoshiki Symphonic Concert" y verlo entusiasmada una y otra vez, nunca pensé que pudiera cumplirse.

Yoshiki Tour Europeo

YOSHIKI ya terminó su esperado tour europeo tras su último concierto en el viejo continente el día 29 de Mayo en Londres, tras pasar también por Moscú, Berlín y Paris, con gran éxito en las 4 ciudades europeas.

Evento Yoshiki Classical

El día 19 de febrero, tuvo lugar en el Grammy Museum de Los Ángeles un evento para presentar el próximo tour mundial de Yoshiki Classical, en el que Yoshiki realizó una rueda de prensa, presentó las fechas de sus conciertos e interpretó varias canciones, ademas de pasar tiempo con sus amigos y fans.

Yoshiki world tour en America

Yoshiki terminó su gira americana el día 3 de Mayo en ciudad de México, tras visitar también Costa Mesa y San Francisco (EEUU) con gran éxito en as 3 ciudades.

domingo, febrero 08, 2015

Yoshiki International Fan Project

Dear Yoshiki, all these messages are for you, from fans around the world. They are full of our love for you, please watch them. Thank You very much!

Mika Hirasawa

Hi yoshiki. i´m spanish, i love xjapan. You and xjapan is my inspiration in the music, i wanna meet you soon. You are a great person, cheer up spain. i love you !!

Lorena Mizer (@LorenaCarcey)

The news has been confirmed, our hearts are filled with anguish. We hoped it was just a rumor but as it isn't your fans are so concerned. Your health comes first, please take surgery. We don't want that you should have this pain for another year, we love you. Kisses and hugs from Chile, please take care ❤ 

Lia Kuehnemund Matsumoto (@LiaLovesHide)

Yoshiki hope to make the best decision, no matter how long it takes your fans wait ... we only want the best for you, want to see that strong Yoshiki and happy we all know. México loves you, we are X....

Seth Matsumoto (@miscastdice)

Yoshiki, please, PLEASE take the time off you need to get surgery and recover. I'm worried for you and your health, and those who really care about you won't mind waiting until you are feeling better for the album and/or tour. Plus, there's so many other creative and cool things you could do even if you couldn't drum or play piano for a bit! ❤   love you so much ❤  

Nami Matsumoto (@Amethyst7011) (Admin @XJapan_Spain)

Dear Yoshiki. 8 years ago I heard a few ballads that made me mourn with emotion,I think I'd never felt anything like that with the music. These balladas was the music of X Japan. I felt so much emotion that I wanted to present your music to everyone,so "X Japan Spain" was born. I met the X Family and made great friends thanX to X Japan. I could fulfill my dream of seeing X Japan and Yoshiki classical Live in Paris. You, X members and X fans are my dear X family, my life is most happy thanX to X Japan. You are a person always friendly and kind to your fans, we think you are very special, and we love you so much. I'm not a doctor, I cannot advise you about your hand, I only don't want anything bad happen to you. Your fans are not concerned about a tour or an album, we just we care about you. We will always support the decision you make about your health and we will always support you whatever happens. Please take care a lot Yoshiki. And never forget: We are here with you. #WeWillWaitWeAreX 

Kazuko Sugiyama (@LarmeKAZU)

Dear Vampire
I believe in you
Last Liveから復活までも、それから今までも
World tour も必ず成功するよ。
Nothing is impossible!


Sabina Peneaux (@ShinaPeneaux)

Yoshiki, please make the decision to have your health taken care of. We don't want to see you in pain and unable to fully enjoy what you love to do. We all know the wait will be worth it in the long run, so please stop putting this surgery off and do what you need to get alright again.

Tomi Naff (@Maki_1982)

Yoshiki, we love you. please think of your health and yourself before us. We could never watch you in pain, or enjoy it if you were in pain. Do what you need to do to feel better. Don't worry about us, the music, or anything else. We will wait for you! We will always wait. Don't put this surgery off and risk yourself more.

Ania Geiger

We are with You!!! We are X!!!!

Kerry Johnson (@Lestallia)
Yoshiki, please make the best choice for you. Your fans love you and would understand if we had to wait for you. Your health is important, more than anything. We worry for you, and want the best for you. We will respect any decision you make. We love you!!!! We are X!!!! ❤   ❤   ❤

Nori Cyan 

Yoshiki x japan fans from around the world, we are really worried about you. We want you to know that you´re health comes first for us so we want you to reconsider your decisions. We can wait for the world tour we only need you´re recover. We think it is better to wait than sorrow. Please take care of yourself.

Na Punnikul (@hedto_p)

Dear Yoshiki,
No matter how many problems are, I'll believe in you.
You overcame all the problems perfectly in the past, so I'm sure you can pass all the sorrow you're encountering with at the moment. 
I and all the fans will be by your side always :)
Be strong, be happy, and be cheerful, ok?

Riana Serowa

Yoshiki-san, we are very concerned about your health. You should immediately go to hospital for surgery. This is the most important thing for all of us. Everything else (the album, the tour) then when you get better.
We can never forgive yourself if you happen something bad because of us. You must pass all necessary treatment. We believe in you. You are strong. 
Do not worry about us. We'll just wait and pray for your health and listen to your music. It is so beautiful that it can listen for eternity.
Please take care of your health. This will be the greatest happiness for all of us.

Hayashi Sgz Wachi (@kun_m_ja)

Yoshiki san, I know you have many Project for this year. And Your fans around the world wanna join too. Don't worry for everything the health of you have to, the most important. Take care your health. Love, ฉันรักคุณ

Dominika Druto (@MinChann)

Yoshiki, Your health is more important than anything else. We will always support You. So take care of Yourself, please.

Seth Matsumoto (@miscastdice)

Yoshiki I support you no matter what your decision is, and I always will. That said, you can change your mind AT ANY TIME, and I encourage you to consider the odds of the surgery. If the surgery even has a 50 percent chance of success versus a 100 percent chance of a complete tear with no intervention, YOU NEED IT. Also, if you get the surgery now, before there is even more damage, your chances of success are much, MUCH, MUCH higher than they will be later on. Also, if the surgery is successful, you will have no or greatly reduced pain + no fear of it tearing further or again for a while. Think about that... please. I want to see you feeling better, and I honestly think the surgery would be your best chance at doing so.

Katrina Litovchenko (@CatCrazyCat)

Yoshiki-san, we love you! Please take care for us! Whatever happens, we'll always be with you! You did so much for us! Your music heals sad heart! You - genius. You're our angel on earth! Please take care of yourself!

Lily Gan (@lilyshikiyue)

Dear Yoshiki ,pls take care of yourself (つω`*)

Akabe Camui  (@Akabe_Shadow)

Yoshiki-san, take care of yourself! Hope you will be well. You are very strong, genius and talent. My prays for you. Always and forever! Sun shine for you! Love you all time!!!

Irene Loca (@IreneLoca1984)

Dear Yoshiki, you're the one of the people, who make this world better. Not only with your music of miracle, but with your smile, your presence in this world too. We love you very much. We don't want your light to disappear. Please take care of your health. We will always support you.

Eliza Jankowska (@lizii111)

Dear Yoshiki.I hope you will be well.Think about the surgery maybe.People will always support you no matter what would happen.Make the best choice for your health.I hope that you make the right decisions.Take care of yourself !!!

Benjamakorn Jumroensri (@benjamakorn)

Dear Yoshiki ❤
You said nothing is impossible, and I believe you..
You said never give up, and I believe you...
and.. you said you'll be ok, SO I believe you ... ❤
Your smile and your music help me through the hard time .. many many times .. Let me send you love and support for this confusing moment .. believe you'll be OK.
‪#‎wecanwait‬ ^ ^ if not choose surgery option just give your hand a fully rest for one year .. less pain, less risk is always the best !
We are really CAN WAIT. because ‪#‎WeAreX‬ ‪#‎TeamYoshiki‬ .. ❤
My thought and my heart is with you .. 
My prayers will be for your recovery and your dreams ..

Haruhi Takarai (@hidenobu)

I want to see you happy always playing drums ... dear Yoshiki ... not postpone the operation ... all your fans in Argentina you will wait ... 
WE ARE !!! X X X X !!! /0/ ❤

Natasha Ruest

Please take care of yourself first before you think of your fans. We will be here, we will wait, and most importantly we will always love you for your creative spirit no matter what. This time don't push yourself, it isn't giving up or admitting weakness. We know you are strong. So get some rest, take care of yourself, come back strong and we will be ready to kick ass along with you! WE ARE!

Rosanne Nagy (@kefalograviera) (@XJapanCanada) 

Dear Yoshiki,
I have yet to see any fan who wants you to keep playing through the pain. I know that a lot of us in Toronto are waiting for your re-scheduled Yoshiki Classical performance, but we, like everyone else, would much rather that you take care of yourself. (Still you're more than welcome to come up to Toronto to just hang out!)
Having re-occurring tendonitis in my hand, I have a bit of an idea of how painful & annoying this is for you. When I watched you play at MSG (& also at Massey Hall in 2010) I watch in awe and in fear, wondering how much pain you're going through.
Year after year, your fans keep telling you, "please take care of yourself" and again we ask this of you.
On behalf of myself and the X Japan Canada [Street Team] ‪#‎WeWillWaitWeAreX‬

Pluemchit Srithep 

Dear Yoshiki !
I'm crying inside my heart. How pain you are ! How can you stand for this pain. It's so terrible. You made us alive, happy and everything you can. How could we show you the huge of love that we give to you. Do the best for yourself. We will pass the hard time together my charmming Yoshiki. We love you ! We are X !

Atsuki Ito (@OoyaIto)

I'm really glad to listen to your musics everyday. I will continue to listen to your musics forever. I love you guys forever. "Forever love"! Please take care of yourself, and continue to create awesome musics!!

Yanina Scozziero (@Yani_Scozziero)

"Dear Yoshiki. If something wrong happen to you, i don't know what can i do with my life. Your music brought love and changed my world. Please take care of yourself ‪#‎WeWillWaitWeAreX‬ "

Martine Vds

Dear Yoshiki,please take care. We need you but be patient my dear. We love you. 
Cher Yoshiki,s'il te plaît prends soin de toi. Nous avons besoin de toi mais sois patient mon cher. Nous t'aimons. 
ラブ . Love 

Polina Lebedeva (@Storm_Polina)

Yoshiki, please take care of yourself. We love you and will always support you. I pray for you.

Nicholightx Masayume (@nicholightx)

Dear Yoshiki-San , your Hand so important ... Your Music Can Heal The World your Music Can Dry My Tears... I Can Forgot My Pain Because your ... Music Inspired Me please take care of yourself Always Love &Support you ..

Marta Puchacz Moś (@KaoriSuYo)

Dear Yoshiki, since years you are my motivation and artist who i have the biggest respect to. All fans love you, all fans are waiting for next concert, next CD, but please, remember- Your health is the most important for you and for us! ‪#‎WeAreX‬ ‪#‎WeWillWaitWeAreX‬
PS: Fans from Poland also love you! 

Imina Dinguir Nug Ra

We always be here for you Yocchan, please, take care Of yourself and don't postpone your operation. Loves from Argentina ‪#‎WeAreX‬

Yannick Schreiber

This are Mr. Yoshiki Hayashi and me back in summer 2014 in Berlin in front of his Hotel.....I went their for 6 hours and waited another 6 in front of that building just to share a small Moment of my life with my biggest Idol......it was like 2 AM when he arrived...I was so fucking nervous when I saw him....I just said "Hello I´m a huge fan from Germany and wanted to welcome you".....he laughed, shook my Hand, hugged me and we had a really nice talk......even if it were only a few minutes....it was still the most important Moment in my life......he treated me like a friend he knows since he was a child....I cry right now....and back then I cried too......he also noticed me on his concert the next day, smiled and made the vitory sign to me and waited till I "answered" it with my victory sign Emoticono smile I´m so proud of that photo and it breaks my heart knowing that my hero might be not able to Play Music anymore......so yoshiki....I wish you all the best and I hope you will get well soon. just don´t Forget me and all the other fans around the world...we love you....we really do ❤

Bowiemekko Khajorn (@realbowiemekko)

I'll support you and always will, no matter what decisions gonna be made. But one thing, please choose the best for yourself. As I always feel for You & X ; I am not just a fan, we all are not just the fans, we are family. So hearts are breaking when we see our beloved one torelating or suffering pains. I know that you never wanted to disappoint anyone of us. And we are so blessed for that. Yoshiki, we love you.❤  I dont know what to say more... I just need you to be healthy & happy. Please take good care.❤  I believe that we will be okay. ‪#‎WeAreX‬

Ni Ne
All the best for your health YOSHIKI
Take care, i always have trust in you ❤   ❤   ❤

YuujiKamui YK

Dear Yoshiki, we all are worried because we heard that you are postponing an important operation you need in your hand in order of having XJapan world tour this year. Please don't risk your future and the future of your music :( frown we still want to hear you for years from now but that may be impossible if you don't take care of yourself right NOW. Take your time to heal. Remember, we already waited for ten years without any hope, how much more time can we wait if you just promise us you'll return? Remember we are the best fans! We are X!! :D

Patrizia Beatini

Yoshiki, it was great when I left Florence in May to see your concert in Paris. I was able to give you my gift on stage, sticks for drum hand-painted with a red dragon; while we waited to enter all the guys out there loved them. I hope you liked them too. They are a lucky charm, don't loose them. I admire your tenacity and passion with which you do your work and the love you have for your fans around the world, but the thing that interests us mostly is knowing that you can continue to use your hand and maybe even to play. Don't ask too much from yourself, we can wait, we love you very much, we love to hear your music but we want to know you are ok. You can stop for a while, no problem, we won't love you less. A big hug. Pat ❤

Laura Fernández @TakaraiYui 

Dear Yoshiki, it's been a while since my first time listening to X Japan, 13 years... After so many years, in 2011, you finally came to my country. This became an amazing memory I'm treasuring. I can understand why you prefer to keep playing your music instead of surgery, but I'm concerned and worried about your health. Don't over push yourself! We are here to support you! _ From Argentina

Imina Dinguir (@iminachan)

Yocchan, We don't want another Rick Allen, please take care Of yourself and don't postpone your operation. We will be waiting for you. _From Argentina

Izabela 'Bela' Antoniak (@Belatuna)

Dear Yoshiki,
I am so sorry to hear the latest news about your health. It is understandable that you need to make very important decisions and I realize that it is very hard for you. Please think about yourself a bit more than always. The reality could be so unacceptable and full of difficult choices. But remember - no matter what, we will continue to be here for you, for your music, for X Japan. Take care of yourself. 
We are X. I am X. Forever.

Jinco Taisho (@Jinco52)

I hope you recover soon. All fans in Mexico and LatinAmerica wish you recover so soon.‪#‎WeWillWaitWeAreX‬

Yoko Matsumoto

We are with you !!! We are The X family !!

Séverine Mazars (@MissTheBlueRose)

We are very glad and proud to win for our favorite japanese band the Most Devoted Fans of 2014 Loudwire Music Awards. Congratulations at ALL! We won because we supports our favorite band all the time and we love our band very much too! WE ARE XXXXXXX ! Your health is so important for yourself in first, then for your family and friends and finally for all your fans in the worldwilde... Take care well of you and each other. Be Happy dear Yoshiki ! Keep always your gorgeous smile ! Blue kiss, your Blue Rose from France. 

Luna Maya

I write this not sure that you will read. I try to understand your pain,must be difficult what you love is destroyed,but I guess if it's the reason why we live, worth any pain. If it´s your desire to continue, delivery your soul, continues to create such beautiful music and we will do lasting. Because the only real way to conquer death and pain is through our legacy. 
P.D Your strength is an inspiration to me.

Thomas Guiocheau

I don't know what I can say... Courage, keep it up!

Asami Deyama Matsumoto (@Asami_Deyama)

Dear Yoshiki
I know you're going through a difficult time, If I could do something to help, believe me I would.
You tell us that we should not worry, but you are a very special person to us, do not forget that we are a family. But you have made the decision to continue with the tour. I had never met a person so passionate about music, it's what makes you special.

Please, take care, for us your health is the most important, do not forget. We will always be with you, I love you. Hugs.

Guifre Rius Borras

I wish you recover sooner , and since are not seen X Live

Nokk Seelawanitch (@bebirdnokk)

Dear our beloved Vamp...

First of all...Congratulations for Most Devoted Fans award. It's because we all love you & absolutely X. So you have to love yourself first, because without your music I can't imagine that picture how our life will be.

We will wait for you, no matter how long. PLEASE heal your pain...

Dalila Chennaf

Our beloved Yoshiki
my family waited for meet you since 12 years.
and one morning, at 4.30am,in Paris our dream became reality.
you came 4 times in Paris,each time you make my family cry.
we want crying,screaming for you,again and again.
you enchant our life.
we want the best for you,take care of you, we can wait .
thanks for standing by us. stay with us always.
we'll always return our thanks to you.
with our love forever

Simona Zabłudowska (@Simonucha)

Dear Yoshiki,
for us you are the brightest star in the sky. You are a gift for your fans, for people you help out. You are an inspiration for many and your music touches deeps of the heart, but... I think you know it already. I saw you live only once for now, but it was the best thing in my life. I still remember that speechless happiness when you came on stage. For me end of that year was also depressing, but those happy memories let me not to plunge into sorrow. I'm grateful for this. You don't even realise how much you do for your fans, but now, please, allow yourself to help you. We are worried about your health and we want the best for you. We know that you must make a hard decisions, but, please, think about your health more than ever. We have waited a long time, so we can wait even longer. But still, whatever you decide, we will support you. Always.

Lubov Panina (@XYoshikiLoveX)

Dear Yoshiki-san!
I just want to let you know that we will always be with you!
We will accept any your choice. And we will be by your side, no matter what happens...
But remember your health and happiness is most important to us!
I will always be grateful to you for your music, your light, your kindness and your magic.
You're amazing human, handsome man and musical genius!
I appreciate every meeting with you and your music. Your music saves me and many other people!
I like your sincere sunny smile! You're our sunshine and Miracle, you know about it? And I want to know what you smile without pain.
I pray for your healing. And believe in your doctors and your amazing willpower! I know you never give up!
I sincerely wish you to find a way to cure your arm without surgery.
Take care of yourself and get well soon!
Be happy and healthy!
We love YOu and We are X! Always and forever!
From Russia with love!

Lorena Duarte

YOSHIKIIII we love you from ARGENTINA hope you will better soon kiosukete kudasai hansamuuuuu!!!!!WE ARE XXXXX

Akumu Shinigami (@ShouNeko)

Dear Yoshiki!
I wish you a speedy recovery! I hope you will soon get better !!
We support you all the way! Come back in shape! You are the best!
We love you! On vous aime Yoshiki

 Khailova Natalia

Dear Yoshiki!
You're going through a difficult time.
You are an inspiration for many people and your music touches deeps of the heart. I'm grateful for this. 
Please, don't forget take care of your health. You tell us that we should not worry, but you are a very special person to us.
You have made the decision to continue with the tour. We always will support you.
I wish you the best recovery.

Ashley Arrowsmith (@GACKT_love4ever)

Yoshiki please put your health first we fans can wait for the world tour we don't want your hand permanently damaged and you can't tour again . Please Yoshiki please take care of your health.

Fa Venegas 

HI :)
dear Yoshik you know that you're a very important person for a lot of people,so.......PLEASE¡¡ take care of your health,i've been your fan for a long time ago¡¡¡¡
and i will always be your fan....we can wait,....
well,we love you ¡¡

We are X¡¡¡

Brenda Garcia Ibarra

Dear Yoshiki , I wish you the best recovery and follow showing your talent to the world, god bless you

Oscar Luján

Yoshiki: What you made, with your music, your personality, your life, is unique.... I really want to see you live on stage...but I also want you to be OK... You are part of music history, nobody can´t take that from you... And I hope for you to get well... I will never forget that concert in Mexico City...You made us smile, laugh, cry and scream... That´s mi memory for you... ‪#‎WeWillWaitWeAreX‬

Beatriz Escalante (@escalantetwo)

Beloved Yoshiki,
Many moons have passed since the first day I met you (23 years), at that time I was curious to know who you were, were very difficult times for me lost Haya a person who loves much; an accident had removed me, amid much pain I found you since then I have not stopped listening,
for my X japan, is the most. After years of struggling with my health finally in 2011 I could see them live, X japan came to my country. This left a great memory in the memory of your fans to celebrate the first anniversary of his arrival in our country. Since that time no see them stop I went to Mexico, Paris, New York to see classical Yoshiki and X Japan, you let me know the big family X that I have today, so thank you very much.
I also want to tell you you're a very special person to us,
You are a gift of the Creator for his fans,
You are an inspiration to many

In these difficult times, I wish I could help, as fans I can tell you that the most important is your health even that always will support the decision you make about your health and always will support whatever happens.

Lee Akuma (@PBotias)
Dear yoshiki
You are the best!
I am very happy to be part of this x family, I followed x japan very late and I could not lean at all but now I'll give all my love to you are well.
Take care of you, please n_n

Greetings from Argentina, We are X!

Olga Zabalueva (@Olga_Xed)

Dear Yoshiki san, our beloved Vampire! We know that you are very very strong, but we can't stop worrying about your health! 
We will always be on your side and take your every decision. But please take care of yourself! Take care of yourself... for us. 
Music is the greatest value, but your life and health is priceless!
Your wonderful music helps to live to many people. And in return let our love and faith will help you and support you.
We pray for you.
From Russia with Love~


Qiuyan Zhen (@Qiuyan_Nate)

Dear Yoshiki-San,
I very very love you Emoticono heart I hope to meet you at X Japan live Tour in Thailand again. 
You know we (your fans) love you much & don't want to see you have any pain in your heart or body.
Please take care your self first of all anything. I want to meet you again & I want to listen your new album but I care you more than everything.
Please admitted your injury. Best wishes you for a speedy recovery. 
I can waiting you forever more & never time to don't love&miss you.
Love from Thailand.
We are X!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Amiconi (@PatitoMDQ)

Dear Yoshiki, X Japan love, your drums and your piano. Your music move me to tears. Right now I want you to know that first of all is your health. I just want to thank you for fill my days with your music. And thank you for something special: two years ago I was going through the worst Christmas of my life, and as in every occasion, I had sent you a lowly greeting. On that Christmas day I wake up and I find in twitter a very special gift : your RT. Thank you for that, because that day you give me strength to continue. Thank with all my heart from Argentina.

Thunwarat Grace Thavonchotiwong

It's in a thai newspaper on the day after X-Japan concert in 2011. We hope to see u again in Thailand no matter..how long does it take after your surgery to cure your hand.

Pety Noguera (@petynstarmaps)

Yoshiki dear just thank you for all! Do the best for you and your health

Domingo Jose Aurrecoechea Gil

Yoshiki . Dont forget never . We Are X !! Forever love! Forever dream!

Diana Abuín Caamaño (staff @XJapan_Spain)

Dear Yoshiki,
As many of us, I feel concerned about your health. I cannot imagine how worry and scare you must be, and of course I'm no one to tell you what to do. 
Whatever you do, I will always be X, forever. 
Your music makes me want to be my best self, to try harder and I always remember what you say ‪#‎nothingisimposible‬ ‪#‎nevergiveup‬.

Misse-Chan Dahl Thiemer (@missechan87)

Yoshiki-san! You are such a inspiration and amazing person and your music has touched my heart and soul. I remember when I saw you live at your classical concert in Berlin it was so beautiful and so touching! And after the concert you came out and signed a few posters etc, sadly I did not manage to get one signed but just the fact of being face to face with one of my biggest inspiration had a huge effect on me! So I thank you for this amazing experience! Arigatou! :) ❤   and I hope to see you live again.
With that said I ofcourse support your decision in whatever you decide but I also pray for your health and wish for you to take care of yourself ❤
I and the rest of your fans loves you!! ❤

Thitaree Jantatum

Dear Yoshiki
I'm really concerned about you. I've been your fan and will be like this forever...I think your health is the most important than everything. So I want you take care yourself...Don't worry anything, we always believe in you ^^
Love you. "KISSES"

Jesús Soria

Take care of your heart Yoshiki!!! Your heart and music is a part of my life.
Best wishes from Argentina!!!

Rock Satanik Diabolik

Dear Yoshiki... You're a great pianist and drummer,, I adore your music, gives me strength and emotion ,, the first time I heard your songs f fall in love with you,,, I admire you for your big talent when you play the piano and drums,,,,, and that great energy influenced me ,,, I don´t stop seeing your concerts,,, I looked again and again,,, your beautiful hands has a cute gift,, , Thank you for to create these cute themes and for being part of X JAPAN ,,,,, would be a great honor to meet you feel like you're part of my,,, You are very beautiful, you enchant me,,,,, yoshiki hayashi Take care of yourself, when the time comes I hope see you in my country Chile. Arigatou,,,,,, Sayonara❤

OLe Sea

Dear Yoshiki...
1 year ago when I found your music ,I thinked ''Waoww... what a man!''..My first song was ''Endless Rain '' to Last Live.. First minutes I was look..But then.. I started to cry because of your charmin music.. 
I wanted listen more and find more.. And I said ''Why...why this man-grup is like this?''.. 
Then I find my answer.. When words don't work,music start to work to explain your feelings.. 
And now.. I want to hear that soul's music more.. So.. Please take care of you. We are all love you!
We Are X!! 
Thank you..You teached me so many thing with your life,with your grup and music..

Angie Mitsuki

X Japan won the most devoted fans 2014. That's mean you are the one that doesn't have to worry, you have the guarantee that your fans will wait any time needed. You said nothing is  impossible so you can do the surgery and recover, and then go on tour. 

May be the doctor didn't give you guarantees after surgery but if your tendon is half torn and you overdo looks like the only thing sure is completely torn. Don't postpone the surgery because you think that you lose something or you're giving up.

 The surgery and the recovery is a courage fight. It's just a break. We will wait and we respect any decision. We are X

Splash Fever

Thank you for an invitation!
I send awful love(*´∀`)
we are X(乂Д´)

Adele Manna (@adele1967)

Dear yoshiki I pray with all my heart, you absolutely need to operate on you, you're an intelligent man the tour you will do when you'll be fine us fans wait.

Tatyana Ageyeva

Dear Yoshiki-san! 
We believe in you! Please take care your health! 
I love you and your music!
Best regards from Kazakhstan!
Kiss and hug!

Irina Veber

We believe in you!

Reika Hayashi

Dearest YOSHIKI san

佳樹さんこんにちは!!世界ツアー、今年は大切な時期。。。でも佳樹さんの体がとても心配です。。私は手術を受けてほしいと思っています。絶対成功するよう祈っています。。。ライブはいつまででも待てます。きっとXのファンはみんな・・・。Please take care your health,,,,

Aneta Anata Smaruj Szczudlik (@Aneta53k)

Yoshiki-san.. What the f*ck? As a fan, I want to say, that there's no difference between waiting a bit longer for tour. You have a choice: doing this surgery and not playing for several months or not doing it and living in pain and not playing for the rest of life.. Please, think about it and think about us. We're worried about you. And remember, we will always support you, as an X family.

Louise Lagadec (@KinKi51_Kamijo)

毎日一生懸命頑張って素敵な音楽、特にピアノバーシオンの曲 を作ってくれてどうもありがとうございます。とても感謝しています。
ですから、World Tourやライブのことは待ってもいいですよ。ファンの皆様はそう思ってて、私もです。
でも元気になったとき、ぜひフランスにいらっしゃってくださいね ^_____^
早く元気になりますように ^______^ ‪#‎WeareX‬ ! ‪#‎YouareX‬ !
Louise Lagadec, Leader of Street Team Yoshiki in Paris, France

Takahiro Yuasa


Noelia Selever (@miss_lepard)

i made this for you Emoticono heart take care Yoshiki! your fans always love you and wait for you! 


Rainie Jang (@VisualnoSekai)

Dear Yoshiki, I know you have many dreams and goals to fulfill and in order to achieve them you'll fight against everything because that is your nature (that is why I admire you). But, you should take care of your health, only you know the intensity of pain and your body limitations. Yoshiki, please you should to think well and make the best decision, remember that your health is first. Whatever you decide, whatever you do and wherever you are, I will support you. We are X!!!!

Katashi Matsumoto

Dear yoshiki.
I know you're in a stage of health a little difficult and decisive but know you have all the support and love from your fans.
I think you are a strong, courageous and professional person who has gone ahead despite adversity right now so do not give up !!! Do what is right and what is best for your health remember that your fans will always be for you and if necessary wait time sufficient to get a health boost ╰ (*')` *) ╯ ♡
Greetings from Mexico !!!!

We are X !!

Marian Yoshiki Matsumoto (@marianad5D)

Hello my dear yoshiki, You are a star that always shines every day for me. I want Thank you for your music. I want you know that we love you very much and that I care you recover soon, I am praying for you. 

Special ThanX to: X Japan Spain, X Japan Polish ST, X Japan Ecuador FC, X Japan Canada ST, X Japan France, X Japan Mexico ST, X Russian X FC, X Japan: We Are X, X Japan German ST, Team Yoshiki Paris and all entire X Family.

Dear Yoshiki, thanX for reading. We always support you. We Love You Forever. We Are X!!

    ~ From Your Fans Around The World ~ 

domingo, febrero 01, 2015

Noticias sobre la mano de Yoshiki

Su médico le ha recomendado someterse a una cirugía en su mano derecha, la cual le ha ocasionado tantos problemas mientras estaba de gira mundial etc. Se estaba planteando someterse a la cirugía este año. Sin embargo, no sería capaz de usar su mano durante varios meses...
Casi la mitad del tendón está desgarrado... Si se rompe todo el tendón, ya no podría volver a mover la mano... Yoshiki quiere posponer la cirugía durante más o menos un año.
Mientras es tratado con acupuntura y otros tratamientos especializados. Se encuentra de hecho al borde de la destrucción...
Como recordaréis, el año pasado recibió numerosas infiltraciones de cortisona1 para poder aguantar el dolor.
Su conclusión es... hacer lo mismo este año, es decir, hacer todo lo que pueda mientras pueda tolerar el dolor...

1N. del T. Infiltraciones de cortisona: Las inyecciones de cortisona se utilizan para aliviar el dolor o inflamación de una articulación o en un área determinada. Aunque ayudan a atenuar el dolor y malestar no curan el problema en la articulación o área afectada del cuerpo.

(Traducido por Diana Abuín, traductora de X Japan Spain)